Musician Pilato says political knowledge on empty belly dangerous


It is very dangerous to consume political knowledge on an empty brain just like it is dangerous to consume alcohol on an empty stomach.

Politics by nature is divisive, its always us against them. Its competitive, its always who is better than the other. It is therefore very important that the people especially the youths are properly equipped with superior knowledge before they are exposed to our political knowledge. People must first be taught to love and respect each other before they are asked to compete. Democracy has caused a lot of deaths in Africa not because its a bad system of governance but because people have become better at competing and bad at loving. A competition without love and respect is nothing but a conflict.

I ask every political party to critically think about the future of our beautiful country. The youths have the energy and passion which must be tapped into for the benefit of our country. Before exposing them to politics, expose them to our social values of loving and caring for each other. Political parties must encourage youths to study and go to school. Instead of building muscles youths should be asked to build critical minds. Political parties must add value to the raw energies and passions thats abundant in our youths. Political leaders must begin to promote intellectual brilliance not just physical mighty. Again i say it is very dangerous to consume political knowledge on an empty brain, it is such that will fuel divisions and hatred in our country even more. Muleyako ku library noti lyonsefye niku gym. Lift books more than inshimbi.

Building this country is everyone’s responsibility, play your part.
. Pilato

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