Musician Pilato speaks out on political killings

I come in pieces
Peace is not the absence of war nor is it the absence of noise but the abundance of tolerance. A peaceful environment does not mean singleness of mind. Peace is what happens when there are differences and reasons for war but people choose to deal with their problems without killing each other.
The happenings right now are very unfortunate and must be condemned by every responsible human being. Elections should never be a recipe for violence and for killing each other. The fact that we are having elections this year does not guarantee that people should arm themselves and gear up to hunt down anyone belonging to a different camp. Maintaining peace is the responsibility of everyone of us regardless of the political party you support. Peace must not be imagined but must experienced by all. We are one, different political beliefs don’t mean different biology.
The death of our sister is very unfortunate and it is very disturbing to learn that Mr. Kanganja in his wisdom feels there are some people who deserve to be killed. My appeal to our inspector general is sir, You will not be the IG for eternity so your time to do right is now. Under your watch Zambia has witnessed political violence of gigantic proportions. Sir, i do understand your job is a political one but your life and conscious are not. You have your beloved children and can you imagine if tomorrow somebody else becomes inspector general and your daughter had an opinion different from that of her President. Would you still justify the killing of your own child because she wanted to express her democratic right? Sir you are in charge of Zambia police and you are accountable for every life that is and will be lost under your watch. Be a man and defend your consciousness. You can’t have people been killed just because you want to keep your job. Be a man enough and defend the weak people who don’t own guns but ideas and opinions. How low are you willing to sink just so you can keep your job sir? Protect everyone and keep the peace.


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