Musician questions Edith Nawakwi

Musician questions Edith Nawakwi

Musician BFlow writes


1. In 2006, why did Ms Nawakwi join forces with Mr Hakainde Hichilema to form the United Democratic Alliance (UDA) and why did she allow him to be the leader of the alliance?

2. Why did she want him to become President of Zambia if she considers him to be someone who is not morally upright?

3. Why would Ms Nawakwi want someone she regards as dishonest to hold the highest office? Isn’t that betraying your country?

4. In 2006, why didn’t Ms Nawakwi ask her fellow economist and alliance partner Mr Hakainde Hichilema to answer the questions she is asking him in 2020? By the way, how did the younger economist mislead the older economist in the sale of national assets as alleged?

5. Other than mentioning one valuer, can she provide a list of other valuers including lawyers who participated in the process so that they can enlighten us on the legality of the transactions that took place in the 90s when some of us were too young to comprehend. Can we commence a post-privatization audit and probe every individual that played a role in the process and is still alive? How about setting up a tribunal?

6. They say you can’t change the past but you can learn from it. In order to help us learn from the past, Would Ms Nawakwi welcome the idea of starting to investigate people who served in key ministries in the Chiluba administration so that we get to the root cause of the suspected privatization irregularities once and for all?

7. If her party FDD forms government in 2021, how is she going to ensure that the privatization story does not become a traditional ceremony that only takes place before elections after which it disappears?

8. Since Ms Nawakwi recently reminded us that no man is an island, does she have any plans of forming another alliance with other opposition parties or the ruling party ahead of the 2021 elections?

9. If she wins the 2021 elections, how is the FDD government going to ensure that gold mining remains in the hands of Zambians and not end up benefitting foreigners?

10. When is she likely to announce her running mate for 2021?

BONUS QUESTION: I always say success is not success if it is not successive. Seeing that Ms Nawakwi was Minister of Finance at the age of 30, is she mentoring any youths to become Members of Parliament next year so that they can follow her footsteps?

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