Musician’s admiration for HH


Dear Mr. Hakainde Hichilema

First and foremost, I would like to say that I know you as a very wealthy Zambian, who I think you wouldn’t even feel a single pinch if a 25kgs bag of mealie meal was going to sale at K250 tomorrow or next month, a Zambian who can make his own electricity supply for your own home usage, a man who doesn’t remember how it feels to be on public transport, generally I take you for a self made man who has achieved a comfortable life in an african set up.


I then ask my self, why is this man going through this trouble?  Is he not content with the wealthy he’s acquired?  Is he so power hungry that he just wants to be president at all cost?

But yet again I ask myself, what will this man gain by being President when he is already richer than the sitting in president, Vice president and 7 of their ministers put together?

Your acquisitions alone can get you a citizenship in a first world country, relocate all your close family relations, set up business, make more money and leave the Zambian people and ‘their’ government to enjoy or suffer in peace.

When I reach on that point, I start appreciating your fight and big heart to just want to see democracy being exercised.


If Zambia never had the existence of opposition parties, it would be a one party state, I believe others would love that but thank The Almighty God who creates people like you because a one party state wouldn’t be nice. Hence we need more of you to serve the purpose and make those in power work hard to impress the citizens of this peaceful Republic.


President Hakainde Hichilema, a son of the soil, Zambia in your blood veins; I wanna mention here that your taking part in the previous election at that level of influence has taught many analytical Zambians a lot of things hidden but happening in our country. You have opened the eyes of many that we now know the tribal status of our nation, the level of ECZ credibility, the effectiveness of ‘our’ justice system and worse more the level of educational literacy for those holding high office.


What if you knew things would turn out like this and you just wanted us to know if the national structures are rotten or in good shape, may be you didn’t know but wanted to know as well.


What kind of democracy, judiciary, electoral process, hatred or love, desperation or patriotic a lot of us have in this nation?


I just wanna take this opportunity to thank you for every little thing you have done for the nation, I also wanna thank and appreciate you for whatever you are yet to do. I have gotten my lesson and I believe there are a lot of Zambians like me. I’m no longer the same zambian I was before the 2016 voting process.


Contrary to popular belief and talk, I don’t believe nor do I think you lost.  I believe you are just like any other God ordained leader alive (not just a hungry politician hustling for personal survival), but a self made man who fights for every gifted Zambian who deserves chance to have a go at life.


I think you are a human like me and you like everyone else alive and witnessing the events of our time, the only thing but important that makes you different is that you strive to make Zambians realize not to merely accept what we are but strive to improve our status as a nation; economically, politically, socially and etc.

Thank you once more

Comrade Petersen Mukubesa Mundia

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