Musicians and pornography

By Hellen Chanda Makanta

Music is a culture. It is a vice that is capable of influencing an entire generation or population into a certain way of life and living. What our various musicians and artists do not know is that they have within them the ability to influence.

Our children and youths look up to artists and you’ll agree with me that they sometimes emulate the musicians doing it big. It is a disgrace and pity to see a young musician with apparent good talent and influence on the young generation simply wasting his or her life by getting involved with leaked sex tapes.

It is a disgrace to see that instead of our young ladies looking for ways to better their lives and become women living to the maximum of their potential, we see them performing sexual acrobatics in videos.

The music industry authorities need to sensitize their members on the need to take musical careers seriously and thus build an image that is respectful and able to influence people in a positive manner. It is also important to stiffen laws against the production of adult movies.

To that young lady in the sex tape, she has not just degraded her body but the entire women folk’s body. May the law take its course.

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