Muslim leader survives attack by PF thugs

Pliz hide my ID

Yesterday PF cadres wanted to kill the muslim leader who was attending a campaigh meeting for FFD at Mtedere mosque. PF cadres broke the car for the president of islamic supreme council of Zambia who is Suzyo Zimba.
FDD president Edith Nawakwi promised moslems heaven after she gets into Suzyo Zimba has been campaigning heavily for FDD because PF can not promise him anything and PF has been working against moslem.our appeal to PF is that live alone our leader we have freedom to vote whom we want in coming next 2016 elections.
And we promise you with what you have done to our leader is very bad come 2016 we will show you a way out from plot 1.our president mr suzyo his just doing what is right to move you out of power since you have failed.2016 FFD plot 1.

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