Muslims in Zambia against 50+1 vote presidential requirement

THE Islamic Supreme Council of Zambia has said the 50 per cent plus one clause should not be included in the new Republican Constitution because it is costly.
Copperbelt coordinator Isa Nangu Zgambo said while the clause had worked in other countries, Zambia was not yet ready for it as it was also a recipe for anarchy, apart from being costly.
“As the council, we don’t support the 50 per cent plus one clause as it is costly as well as a recipe for anarchy. It may be a good clause for constitutions of other countries but Zambia is not yet ready for that,” he said.
Mr Zgambo said if no presidential candidate got more 50 per cent of the votes, there would be a re-run that would be expensive for Zambia.
He said currently the country depended on donor funding even to run an election and that it would not be feasible to go back to the same donors within a space of months to ask for more funds in case of a re-run.
Mr Zgambo said the council, however, wanted the Judge Annel Silungwe-led technical committee drafting the new Constitution to speed up their work for Zambians to have confidence in the whole process.
He said a lot of money was spent on the National Constitution Commission but to date Zambians were still waiting for a new Constitution.
“The stage we have already reached in the Constitution-making process is already advanced and the procedure of how to release the document should not negate the hard work that has been put in so far,” he added.


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