Muslims in Zambia seek new beginning

The Islamic Council of Zambia has encouraged the Muslim community and other religious leaders to work with the government of the day in promoting peace and unity in the country.

ZANIS Ndola reports that the Islamic Council of Zambia Deputy Mufti (Chief Priest) Sheikh Isaa Bonomali said this during a one-day Leaders’ workshop aimed at seeking a new beginning among Muslims in Zambia.

The workshop was aimed at based upon mutual interest and respect for all religions.

Sheikh Bonomali said the core interest of all religious leaders and politicians was to ensure that the people they lead had unity and peace.

The deputy chief priest further observed that there was need for religions in the country to work together and not compete since they share common principles of justice, progress, tolerance and the dignity of human beings.

He explained that there was a misconception by people that Islam was a violent religion just because of few individuals that were engaging into violent activities.

He explained that Islam was not a violent religion but a peaceful one and that it was not competing with any other religion.

Sheikh Bonomali further said Islam had a proud tradition of tolerance, which was evidenced by Muslims’ participation in interfaith meetings in the country.

He said Muslim community has been participating in candlelight memorial services, which are held in churches on the eve of December 1 every year to commemorate the World AIDS day.

Sheikh Bonomali further praised government for creating providing freedom of worship among different religions in the country.

He further called upon the Muslim community to be good citizens and abide by the laws of the present government.

He said the Islamic Council would not protect any Muslims who will break the law of the land but would instead urge government to take stern action against those found wanting.


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