Musokotwane advises Sata to stop making careless statements on Kwacha

Former Finance minister Situmbeko Musokotwane has advised President Mchael Sata to stop making careless statement on the Kwacha.

President Michael Sata on Monday claimed that the MMD government illegally printed money from two other printers apart from De la rue.

He said the fake money is currently circulating on the market.

But Musokotane said Sata is lying as all the currency which the MMD left in circulation is genuine.

He said that since Sata is used ‘creating unnecessary Commissions of Inquiry, he should create another one for this matter.’

Musokotwane said Sata should realise that he is no longer in the opposition and that his careless statements can jeopardise Zambia’s international position.

He wondered how a president can tell the world that the money in his country is fake.

He said Sata’ statement can cause confusion in the country as people can go to the banks and dump the money saying since the president says it is fake.

Musokotwane challenged the bank of Zambia to publicly state its position on this matter and say whether the MMD government ever forced the central bank to print money.

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