Musosha says RB has appointed people from Luapula

Science, Technology and Vocational Training Deputy Minister Chrispin Musosha has refuted assertions by former Chifunabuli constituency Member of parliament (MP) Kennedy Sakeni, that President Rupiah Banda has not appointed any one from Luapula province to his Cabinet.

Mr. Musosha said it is factually not correct to allege that President Rupiah Banda has not appointed any Cabinet Minister from Luapula Province because Defence Minister Dr. Kalombo Mwansa who is number three in the political hierarchy of the country and hails from the same province.

He said all elected MMD members of parliament (MPs) from Luapula province have been appointed as Ministers by the president.

The Deputy Minister said this in an interview with ZANIS at his office in Lusaka today.

Mr. Musosha noted that the people of Luapula province are not interested in government portfolios which only benefit a few individuals but the development of the region.

He said the province needs development such as a good road network, construction of hospitals and clinics, more job opportunities among other developments.
And Mr. Musosha has said it is the prerogative of the President to appoint any one of his choice to his cabinet depending on their capabilities not because of the region they hail from.
He said the President has worked hard to bring development to all parts of the country regardless of whether or not people in those areas voted for him.
Mr. Musosha noted that the President has gained high reputation from international organisations such as the International Monitory Fund (IMF) and others due to his desire to bringing development to the nation.

Meanwhile Mr. Musosha has disclosed that government has, in its bid to foster development, especially in rural areas, embarked on a programme to work with traditional leaders across the country.

He said government will not allow any one especially those from the opposition political parties, to insult traditional leaders at will.
Mr. Musosha said government will do everything possible to protect traditional leaders and ensure that they are given the respect they deserve.

The Deputy Minister has since advised Mr. Sakeni not to mislead the nation and the people of Luapula Province in particular.
He said Mr. Sakeni should speak for himself instead of declaring himself as a mouth piece for the province.


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