Mutati condemns PF for closing Prime TV

Mutati condemns PF for closing Prime TV

Movement for Multiparty Democracy (MMD) faction leader Felix Mutati says the punishment handed to Prime TV by the PF using the Independent Broadcasting Authority (IBA) will injure one of the virtues of democracy.

Commenting on the suspension of Prime TV’s broadcasting license for one month, Mutati who is in the Copperbelt on a mobilisation tour of the province said the country will only develop if critical voices are tolerated.

Mutati said the suspension of the license will “injure tolerance” and that the IBA should punish the station without suspending their their license.

“We will always have differences of opinions, differences of perception as a country, we have to exercise tolerance. We can only develop our country if we tolerate criticism regardless of were it is coming from.

“Suspension for me will injure tolerance. They can look at other methods, other penalties within the law that can be used but they are denying the rest of us who enjoy the services to continue enjoying the services,” he said

The PF using IBA on Monday suspended the broadcasting license for Prime TV for one month.

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