Mutati gives Lungu conditions for joining PF

More ” original” Patriotic Front cadres should prepare for disappointments as Felix Mutati has given Edgar Lungu a precondition to resigning from the position of MMD Faction President. Mutati has asked Lungu to absorb his National Executive Committee into Patriotic Front structures including public office. A source from State House has disclosed in an exclusive interview with the Zambian Watchdog that a Committee comprising Agriculture Minister Dora Siliya, Local Government Minister Vincent Mwale and MMD member Faustina Sinyangwe will represent the Mutati faction in the negotiations while Kaizer Zulu, Davis Mwila and State House Minister Freedom Sikazwe will represent the PF. Among the immediate measures Dora Siliya will do is to appoint the Food Reserve Agency (FRA) board that will be headed by MMD Mutati faction Vice President Mtolo Phiri. ” Yes Mutati will formally join PF but not now. He is clever than the whole PF Central Committee. He has put a precondition that his people should also be absorbed in the system. He claims it is not him who has been reorganising the MMD but his team so they should also be taken care of” the source said. The source said Siliya, Mwale and Faustina Sinyangwe are the people who have been advocating for PF to “Swallow” MMD. This thing started along time ago during the Ncwala Ceremony when Siliya, Mwale and Faustina Sinyangwe lied to Lungu that Mutati had printed campaign Tshirts for MMD. Mutati was summoned to State House but he denied saying he only printed Tshirts for Women at the Ceremony and the story died down. What surprised us was when Kaizer and Chitotela started inviting provincial leadership to Statehouse to collect money for protests that’s when we knew it is game on” the source said. The source said the move may temporarily look good to Lungu and his minions but he will wound more PF members. ” Mutati has played his game but how many original PF cadres will be wounded and join Kambwili because others have to lose jobs to create room for Mutati’s people including District Commissioners. Mutati has even been delegated to go Tanzania to represent Lungu at a function but he has gone smiling. It is like whatever these PF guys are trying to plan it is going against them. ” Limbi bana ba Ndoshi” may be they are children of Wizards” the source said.

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