‘Mutati has no time to plan RB removal’

PRESS RELEASE                                                                                    14-03-2012



The story “Mutati Schemes RB’s Removal” and appearing on Zambian Watchdog alleging Hon. Felix C. Mutati as plotting to move a motion to have former Republican President Rupiah Banda is malicious, unfounded and an act of desperation by those who have failed to commit to the MMD Convention for the choice of the Party’s next leader.

It is common knowledge that the former Head of State opted to retire from active politics and this matter has been in the public domain. It therefore becomes inconsequential for Hon. Mutati to engage in such an exercise of futility because Mr. Rupiah Banda has already provided direction on this matter, publicly and the party responded with a decision for a convention to be held within around April 2012.

Hon. Felix C. Mutati has been a committed member of the MMD and remains so. As MMD’s Presidential candidate, he has been consistent in calling for MMD to get to the convention and avoid a transitional leader. He has emphasized that MMD owes it to its members to organize the convention and seek a fresh mandate. He has refused to sink as low as the source of this story is alleging.

Hon. Felix C. Mutati is on the Copperbelt Province and will not even be in attendance of today’s NEC meeting, making the information given by the source unreliable and laced with malice. It is his wish that other camps jostling for the Presidency of the MMD continue to embrace civility and level-headedness in their endeavour to provide leadership to the membership of the MMD.

We advise our colleagues and readers in general to disregard this story and all allegations and insinuations it raises.

Christopher Banda

Political Affairs

For the Office of Hon. Felix C. Mutati

Lusaka, Zambia

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