Mutati, Lungwangwa finding it hard to prepare way for RB’s campaign in Southen province

Felix Mutati on Tuesday failed to explain the rationale behind the government sponsored Citizen Economic Empowerment Commission Fund in rural constituencies of Monze district.
Mutati who is Zambia’s commerce minister together with his counterparty in the ministry of communications and transport Geoffrey Lungwangwa failed to convince the people of Bweengwa and Moomba constituencies of the benefits in applying for the CEEC fund.
Villagers who gathered to listen to the so-called developmental meeting addressed by both Mutati and Lungwangwa expressed disgust over Mutati’s remarks when he said people must appreciate government reasoning for the introduction of the fund.
The villagers got annoyed when Mutati said people in Monzwe and Moomba in the district did not benefit from the fund because they lack the knowledge on how to access the fund.
“Ba minister heena mwabolela kututukila,(Have you come to insult us) we shall not allow you to insult us over the CEEC fund which is only accessed by MMD cadres and members, we did not ask you to come and teach us, why explaining the procedure of accessing the fund now when it has been there for the
past two to three years? Asked some villagers during a poorly attended meeting in Bweengwa’s Monzwe area.
The villagers reminded Mutati and his entourage that no-one in the district had accessed the fund and it was wrong for the minister to say people were ignorant with the process of accessing the fund.
“Stop politicking, we know this year is an election year that is why you have started visiting us, we shall not stop you from coming but read the mood of the people. These people are hungry and angry with
your government, there are so many things they would have wanted to tell you but they have preferred to be quiet and watch,” headmen Moomba told Mutati.
Mutati bragged about the developments government has embarked on but villagers in Moomba questioned why President Rupiah Banda and the MMD government have failed to work on the dilapidated roads in rural area.
“In this area we don’t have a government secondary school even a high school, the entire district has only one government high school, and so what kind of development are you talking about? Are you here
because of the elections which are nearing?
Mutati pleaded with the people to be patient and allow President Banda to finish his term of office.
Lungwangwa and Mutati are in the Southern province to solicit for votes and prepare for President Banda’s campaign which will start soon.
In a related development, a traditional leader in Choma district is demanding for an explanation from President Rupiah Banda why it is now appropriate for government to send ministers to meet traditional leaders in the southern province.
Chief Moyo of the Tonga speaking people of Muzoka area told Choma District Commissioner Laivani Apulani who had gone to inform the traditional leader that Transport and Communications Geoffrey Lungwangwa and Commerce minister Felix Mutati will be visiting his chiefdom for developmental discussions as assigned by President Banda.
The massage angered the traditional leader who lashed at Apuleni. “Why the MMD government and specifically President Banda finding it appropriate now to discuss development when he never invited us at statehouse for such discussions?” he asked.

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