Mutati must resign to save his little integrity

Mutati must resign to save his little integrity

O Demonstrations have been going on by Cadres that Finance Minister Felix Mutati should be fired. The reasons being given are that he is using his position to mobilise MMD ahead of 2021 general elections. However we have a free advise to Mutati. Resign or you will be embarrased like the way Wynter Kabimba was embarrased.

Why do we say so? The demonstrations against Mutati have full blessings of Edgar Lungu. Look at how they where organised.

The way the cadres were ferried from Eastern Province while others also demonstrated in Northern, Southern and Northwestern province. It seems the PIG ( Police Inspector General) was made well aware in advance.

The cadres were accommodated at facilities linked to Lungu in Chawama. How can cadres demostrate against a very senior cabinet Minister and the President is quite? The PF relies on the abuse of the treasury to finance its activities and they are not happy with Mutati heading the treasury.

They want there own. A certain percentage is deducted from all payments to PF contractors and this is what keeps PF going. Infrastructure Minister Ronald Chitotela through some Chinese money financed the demonstrations with the full blessings of Edgar Lungu. In PF it is a taboo to find someone with a bit of education. In PF it is criminal to be ambitious. Ask Wynter Kabimba and Chishimba Kambwili. Is it criminal to be ambitious? Doesnt a teacher aspire to be a headmaster.

Mutati we know PF. Once they start mobilising lumpens and morons thats it. You are gone.

Anyway we told you but you chose to believe the oldman Rupiah Banda.

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