Mutati overruled on night driving: busses remain banned

Mutati overruled on night driving: busses remain banned

– Mutati says ban on night driving has been lifted
– Mushimba says ‘no ways’, busses not allowed to travel at night

The uncoordinated, haphazard way of running the country by the PF/MMD regimes has continued.

Yesterday, MMD’sFelix Mutati who runs the ministry of Finance announced that the ban on driving vehicles would be lifted.

But communications and transport minister BrianMushimba says the ban for busses will remain in place.

This is what happens when cabinet meetings are just used to discuss deals. Surely Mutati knows that the main reason night driving was banned was because of busses so when he made the ‘lifting’, he should have explained that busses remain banned.

But instead, he said the roads are now safe for all types of vehicles to drive at night.

Below is what Mutati said before he was overruled:

Government has announced it will lift the statutory ban on public service vehicles driving at night.
Finance Minister Felix Mutati says the decision to lift the ban was aimed at effecting a positive growth in Zambia’s Gross Domestic Product (GDP) by allowing the wheels of commerce to continue rotating every hour.
He said government was confident with the robust measures that have been put in place to ensure safety is adhered to on Zambian roads.
Speaking when he conducted an on the spot tour of the construction of the 923 metre long permanent rail and road bridge between Zambia and Botswana in Kazungula, Mr. Mutati said public service vehicles will now be allowed to move after 21:00hrs effective Wednesday next week.
“The original intention of the ban was to try and enhance safety on our roads. So the Minister responsible for Transportation has put in adequate measures to ensure that safety requirements are met. So from next week government is going to lift the ban on night driving.” he said.

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