Mutati rejects govt accommodation, says houses below his standard

Mutati rejects govt accommodation, says houses below his standard

MMD’s Felix Mutati has rejected government houses given to him for his accommodation as minister of Finance, saying they are all below his standards.

Mutati, one of the MMD officials running the PF regime is still occupying his personal house on Chila road in Kabulonga but receiving housing allowances.

So far Mutati has been shown seven houses to choose from but he has rejected all of them saying as minister of Finance he is at the same level with the vice-president so he deserves a mini-state house.

According to sources in the ministry responsible for accommodating ministers, six of the seven houses he has been shown are in Kabulonga while the seventh one is in Kalundu at Mulungu village. ‘All of them are big and none of them is smaller than his house he lives in at the moment,’ a source explained.



According to government sources, Mutati has rejected all these houses but has instead shown interest in the 8th one ‘located at the southern side of Kabulonga roundabout but he wants it extended and renovated to his standard,’ said a source who added that ‘this is the house madam Inonge Wina once lived in when she was gender minister.


The source complained that ‘remember this is the man who before he became finance minister was living in his semi-finished house along Chila road in Kabulonga. This man in the recent past preached austerity measures. why is he failing to live in any of the houses available? This man is demanding a lot from govt  and Lungu is bowing down to all his demands.’




In the UNIP era, Felix Mutati was given one of those common scholarships to go and study ACCA in UK by the Zambia Industrial and Mining Corporation (Zimco).
He flunked twice; returned to ZIMCO where he was given a job as ‘assistant accountant’ since part of the scholarship agreement required recipient to worker for Zimco after graduating.
To ward off the embarrassment of going to UK just to fail, Mutati made his family sell property to make him return to UK. He failed again. But this time the the examiners failed sorry and gave him a compensatory pass. Pass by compensation means that a student who has failed to attain the pass mark (in UK 40%) in a module, may, at the discretion of the Examination Board, pass the examined module by compensation. If you get 36%, the examiners can upgrade you to 40%. Failing once could be tolerated, but failing consistently is not ok. In serious universities you can be declared ‘unteachable’. But that is not the end of the world, you can still go to Africa and become a minister.

Mutati later got a job at the National Hotels Development Corporation, then moved to Zesco where, after a few months, Zesco refused to renew his contract, most likely due to poor performance.
He did what most failures in Africa do – joined politics.

The Watchdog can safely and accurately predict that Mutati will perform worse than Alexander Chikwanda, but of course his pockets will be full. Mutati is good as speaking but in practice he is a disaster. That is why he earned the title of ‘Japanese robot.’ The ministry of Finance requires a serious economist.


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