Mutati schemes RB’s removal

Mutati falls into PF trap

Former Commerce Minister Felix Mutati is reportedly pushing for former President Rupiah Banda’s resignation as MMD party president as he gets compromised with the Patriotic Front.

The MMD is expected to hold its NEC meeting tomorrow 14 march 2012 during which Mutati is expected to raise a motion to have Rupiah Banda vacate the party presidency.

The source said Felix Mutati together with Catherine Namugala are not comfortable with Rupiah Banda remaining at the helm of the party because he (Rupiah) may uncover their moves with the PF.

According to a source from within the MMD NEC Mutati, who is also Leader of opposition in parliament is determined to carry-out the PF sponsored scheme.

 “It seems Felix is not comfortable with RB being party president because he believes RB, being a former President still has some connections with some people in government that may leak Felix’s dealings with the PF” the source said.  

The source said the reason why Mutati wants to raise the motion in tomorrow’s NEC meeting is because former President Rupiah Banda will be leaving for the United States of America (USA) for two months at the invitation of the Carter Foundation.

“President RB has been invited by the Carter Foundation to give lectures in the United States of America for two months. You know RB has received a lot of respect from the way he handed over power. It’s unheard of in Africa. So Felix wants to take advantage of RB’s long absence” the source said.

The source said it was sad that Felix could behave like Chisamba Member of Parliament Moses Muteteka in calling for Rupiah’s removal when he knows that it can only be done at the party convention.

At the time of publication, Mutati could not be reached as he was attending to his election petition case in Ndola High Court.

The PF has petitioned Mutati’s election as MP for Lunte Constituency.

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