Mutati, Siliya and ETG fertiliser in e-voucher K2 billion scam

Mutati, Siliya and ETG fertiliser in e-voucher K2 billion scam



Finance minister and a Kenyan fertiliser supplier, Export Trading Group – ETG have been involved in a financial scam where he is receiving 10 percent from the money for the electronic vouchers under the Farmer Input Supply Programme – FISP, he has so far allowed K2 million to be paid to the firm and working out a plan to release advance payment of K2 billion for the 2017/2018 farming season.

After the delay to pay the agro dealers was exposed about two weeks ago, the finance ministry released K2m to be distributed among various agro dealers but the whole chunk of money has gone to ETG. The corrupt move has created an uproar among other agro dealers appointed countrywide and want ETG removed from the list of agro dealers.

ETG is registered as a fertiliser supplier more like the other companies such as Omnia and Nyiombo but the company has corruptly secured a contract to further get the commodity to the individual farmers.

Sources close to the finance and agriculture ministries have disclosed that Mutati, working with agriculture minister Dora Siliya gets a tenth from every payment released under  the FISP e voucher system.

“It is not correct to have a supplier of fertiliser also be involved in the chain through to the individual farmer, this alone is an illegality but the ministers have gone ahead to direct all payments to one same illegal dealer and are in the process of awarding a contract to ETG and even make advance payment hence the pronouncements you heard that the farmers will get their inputs as early as August this year,” said the finance ministry source.

Last week during the releasing of the money, Mutati told journalists through finance spokesperson that FISP e-voucher dealers will get payments in august so that farmers can access the inputs early. And a fortnight ago, some agro dealers in Central province threatened to grab the produce from farmers to recover their money as they were not yet paid for supply to over 10,000 farmers.

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