Mutati u-turns, says there is no vacancy in MMD presidency

THERE is no rift between me and MMD president Nevers Mumba, says MMD Lunte Member of Parliament, Felix Mutati.

He said the MMD needed to remain united, adding that at the moment there was no vacancy in the office of the MMD party presidency.

“At the moment there is no vacancy for president in the MMD. Dr. Mumba is still our duly elected president,” he said.

He said there was no need for any fighting between himself and Dr. Mumba and instead all MMD members should fight to strengthen the former ruling party ahead of next year’s elections.

“What we should fight for is the rebuilding of the party which we all love so much. What members should understand is that there are no Mutati or Nevers people in the MMD but MMD family members,” Mr. Mutati said.

He said there was no need to allow for another fragmentation which the party endured during the January 20 Presidential elections.

Mr Mutati warned that any attempt by party leaders and members to fragment the former ruling party would break the party ahead of the Presidential and parliamentary elections next year.

“The fragmentation in the party will break the MMD and therefore dilute its relevance in the political landscape of the nation,” he said.

Mr Mutati said as guided by the ideals and values that underpin the democratic dispensation of the MMD, the issue of the convention would be dealt with by the National Executive Committee (NEC).

He explained that the MMD was a party of rules and the issues of holding of the convention would be dealt with by the NEC at an opportune time in accordance with rules and regulations of the party constitution.

Mr. Mutati said the culture of addressing party issues in the media should not be permitted and that the party should sort them out on their own.

“As MMD we must not permit the culture of addressing our internal challenges through the media. Regardless of the difficulties and disappointments we may have, we need to resolve these issues in our traditional manner, which is a family way,” he said.

Mr. Mutati appealed to the general membership to take note that he would be issuing statements on matters of the party when necessary and would continue to support the party.

“For the sake of decency and order I would like to tell party members that I will be issuing statements on matters relating to the party when appropriate,” he said.

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