Mutati withdraws from MMD Presidential race

Former Commerce Trade and Industry Minister Felix Mutati has announced his withdrawal from MMD presidential race.

Mr. Mutati who is also Lunte Member of Parliament says the choice of a convention is by far better than the current set of circumstances.

In a statement emailed from Korea, Mr. Mutati says the challenge for the party is to re-group and immediately create a time table towards a full convention or a mini convention that will help re-organize the party.

He has advised MMD to avoid rushing towards having a transitional leader since that person may not command authority required to restructure the party.

In a campaign message, Mr. Mutati says he is ready to transform the MMD secretariat into a nerve center for the most people centered political campaign.

Meanwhile the former Commerce Minister has asked Zambians to forgive him for personal choices and leadership he made in the past.

Mr Mutati says in his public life he has made both personal and public choices which in some instances have been right and wrong.

The MMD Lunte MP says he is reflecting on past regrettable decisions he made to help him grow personally.

He has further asked Zambians to judge him on his capacity to deliver and the vision for the party and the nation.

Mr. Mutati says his vision will be based on Christian values to which the Zambian people must support him.

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