Mutembo cartel undermines Sata’s govt by denying RB travel permit to AU

The cartel holding president Michael Sata this week openly defied his administration when they denied former president Rupiah Banda his passport and travel permission to the African Union (AU) in Ethiopia.

The AU through the Ministry of Foreign Affairs invited former presidents Mr. Banda and Kenneth Kaunda to attend the Heads of State summit.

Later the Ministry of Foreign Affairs extended their invitations to the two former Heads of State through letters and started to organise their travel logistics.

Mr. Banda himself was comforted by the fact that since the travel arrangements were being made by the Zambian government, all would be well.

But later when the cartel heard that the Zambian government was organising travel arrangements for both Mr. Banda and Kaunda, they moved to undermined Sata’s government and refused to released Mr. Banda’s passport without even caring to give him reasons.

Sources within cabinet office said Mr. Banda was actually not even aware of the invitation and travel arrangement to Ethiopia and was only informed by the Zambian government officials themselves to prepare and attend the AU through a letter from Foreign Affairs.

“But it was at some stage when the other wing of Sata’s government that is controlled by Mutembo Nchito and Wynter Kabimba moved in to defy their own government that had already allowed Mr. Banda to travel by denying him the passport. From what we hear, Mr. Banda was not aware and was even preparing to travel to Chief Mapanza’s area for the burial of Chief Mapanza who was his personal friend as a fellow diplomat during the Unip era,” sources said.

Sources said they did not realise that the cartel was this powerful to the point of undermining Mr. Sata’s administration and instructions.

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