Mutembo Nchito shielding his doctor who killed patient at St John’s hospital

Mutembo Nchito shielding his doctor who killed patient at St John’s hospital

Zambia St Johns Ambulance VolunteersDirector of Public Prosecutions (DPP) Muetmbo Nchito is said to be covering up a case of criminal negligence by his workers at Saint John’s Hospital located in Lusaka’s Woodlands after the doctors murdered a patient.

Mutembo owns St John’s Hospital alongside his brother Nchima Nchito who was recently conferred with a status of State Counsel, Fastone Goma, Charles Michelo and three others.

According to workers at the hospital, the DPP is making frantic efforts to cover up for his drunken Doctor who caused the death of a patient by cutting her large intestine instead of treating a cyst she had complained of. Name of patient withheld.

It is understood that the Doctor in question is of Russian origin.

Though family members lodged a complaint, the Health Professional Council of Zambia which is mandated to regulate the conduct of health professionals in the country has turned a blind eye to the murder.

According to insiders, the deceased went to seek medical services at Mutembo Nchito’s Hospital but the doctor who attended to her mistakenly cut her large intestine during an operation. When he realised the deadly mistake, he covered the wound without having it stitched and later discharged her.

But when she was taken back to St John’s hospital after the problem re-occurred, she was quickly referred to UTH where she later died.

According to sources at UTH, the Doctor in question and a Director of St John’s Hospital were invited to witness a post-mortem that was conducted on the deceased. The results clearly indicated that the cause of her death – resulting from the cutting of her large intestine, was purely negligence by the Doctor.

But the Russian Doctor has since continued to work and to perform a lot more operations to many people.

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