Nchito takes over RBs’ contempt of court case against M’membe

Nchito takes over RBs’ contempt of court case against M’membe

Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP) Mutembo Nchtito and his business partner Fred M’membe are war mongers who are capable of setting Zambia into flames with their propensity and gluttonous behavior to plunder and destroy the country’s hard earned democracy, Douglas Syakalima has warned.

In unprecedented legal and constitutional comedy of errors, Mutembo Nchito, the Director of Public Prosecutions has taken over the case in which former President Rupiah Banda has commenced criminal court proceeding against  Fred M’membe and the Post Newspaper for contempt of court.

Syakalima said in an interview after magistrate Mwaka Mikalile granted the application that Nchito should prosecute Mmembe on behalf of former president Banda.

Mmembe was schedule to take plea but could not following the application to have Nchito prosecute the matter.

“The DPP has powers to take over any proceedings and in this particular case the DPP is rightly excising his powers, “ said a prosecutor before Mikalile granted the application.

But Syakalima warned that Zambia was at the verge of being plunged into catastrophic political turmoil by Nchito and M’membe who have without doubt become the surrogate rulers of the country by having taken President Sata hostage.

Syakalima has charged that Zambians should be ready for what he termed political Armageddon because a cartel holding Sata hostage.

Syakalima who is United Party for National Development (UPND) president Hakainde Hichilema’s special advisor said it was legally inconceivable that Nchito who is currently prosecuting president Banda could apply to the court to take over a private case involving his friend, M’membe who has been publishing contemptuous editorials against president Banda.

“We are all suspicious that Nchito should decide to take over the case of Fred M’membe who has privately been sued by president Banda for contempt of court. Nchito is the lead prosecutor in president Banda’s alleged corruption case and he now wants to prosecute his own friend so that he can quickly enter a nolle prosequi. These characters together with their friend Wynter Kabimba will set this country on fire if they are not going to be stopped now.

He said M’membe has been using his newspaper to slander, defame and malign citizens who he hated with passion and that it was not right that Zambians should allow his impunity to continue.

Syakalima said it was morally and politically incorrect for M’membe to have surrendered his private legal suit to the State and wondered what interest the government had in a matter that was purely private.

“They have exposed themselves and now we know that their agenda is. We are watching they will certainly be crucified when the right time comes,” Syakailima said.

The matter would now come up on June 12.


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