Mutembo Nchito’s criminal friend now lawyer for DBZ

Mutembo Nchito’s criminal friend now lawyer for DBZ

Buta Gondwe, the lawyer who was arrested by the Drug Enforcement Commission for money laundering involving over K2billion is now the lawyer for the Development Bank of Zambia.

Buta Gondwe has replaced Vincent Malambo as lawyer for DBZ in the case where DPP Mutembo Nchito and Fred M’membe owe DBZ more than K14 billion.

When Buta and his brother was arrested for swindling former Bank of Zambia employers over the K2 billion, Mutembo Nchito was the lawyer for Buta Gondwe. This means that the case is now handled by two friends on both sides.

In October 2010, The Drug Enforcement Commission (DEC) arrested  lawyer Buta Gondwe and his brother Isaac Gondwe a former director at the Bank of Zambia for theft and money laundering activities involving over K2 billion.

Former DEC public relations officer John Nyawali confirmed the development to the Post newspaper in an interview and said Buta Gondwe of Buta Gondwe and Associates was arrested together John Isaac Gondwe, a former director of external debt at the Bank of Zambia (BoZ) and Friday Muzyamba, also a former Bank of Zambia section officer in the audit section.

“The two former Bank of Zambia employees did steal over K1.7 billion from the Central Bank by over-paying themselves retrenchment packages which were awarded to a group of former BoZ employees by the Industrial Relations Court. The legal counsel was arrested for stealing over K300 million from his clients by purporting that the amount were legal fees when in fact not,” he said.

“This is in a case in which the 1991 retrenched BoZ workers had taken the central bank to court for under-paying them and later won the case in the court where they were awarded over K5 billion. The Commission has since seized five motor vehicles and other properties valued at over K900 million from the trio who are currently detained in police custody awaiting trial.”

In this same case, a DEC employee Frank Tayali was fired from DEC for soliciting money from the suspects.

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