Mutembo refuses to prosecute Mobile Service providers, Sata picks PF cadre to lead ZICTA

Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP) Mutembo Ncito has continued his corrupt practices this time by refusing to give consent to the Zambia Information, Communication and Technology Authority (ZICTA) to prosecute all Mobile Phone Service providers for poor quality of service.
And President Michael Sata has directed that  former Lupososhi PF MP Mpakata Musonda be appointed chairpersaon of ZICTA.
Mutembo Ncito has since verbally advised ZICTA to continue talking to Airtel, MTN and Zamtel to improve quality of service a source from the DPP chambers has said.
“Watchdog report that the DPP has refused to give consent to ZICTA to prosecute the three Mobile phone service providers for poor quality of service. We do not know he may have received something from owners. You try to investigate” the source said.
The source said according to the ZICTA Act the regulatory was mandated to prosecute after several reminders and ZICTA has on several times reminded the three but nothing has been done.
ZICTA had sought permission to prosecute the three companies what the regulator termed poor quality of services among them the continued sending of unsolicited messages and delays in answering customer queries through call centers. Some of the people spoken to by the Zambian Watchdog suspect that Mutembo Ncito who recently traveled abroad may have received some kick backs from Airtel and MTN directors in South Africa. This means that Ncito is not interested in serving the public but his own belly. A lot of customers have been complaining about the poor quality of services from Mobile phone service providers.
Meanwhile President Sata has instructed Transport Minister Yamfwa Mukanga to appoint a PF cadre with no technical background as ZICTA board chairperson.
Sata has instructed that Mpakata Musonda former Lupososhi PF Member of Parliament be appointed as ZICTA Board Chairperson.
A source from within the intelligence community has revealed that Musonda’s name has already been cleared despite objections from a number of people that would have loved an engineer to chair the board.
Mpakata Musonda is one of the PF’s first MP’s and he is the MP who one time reported to the Police that his car had been stolen but later it was discovered that it was grabbed by some man after the MP was found having sex with a married woman.
The Police later charged Musonda with giving false information to the police.

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