Mutembo to sue Richard Sakala over book

Sakala and his wife when the former was in prison

Sakala and his wife when the former was in prison

Former Task Force on Corruption Lawyer Mutembo Nchito is taking legal action against former State House spokesperson Richard Sakala over the book “Mockery of Justice’, the Watchdog has been informed.

Sources have also told the Watchdog that Post Newspaper owner Fred Mmembe has instructed his lawyers to sue the Times of Zambia and Daily Mail over an article they published titled ‘the George Kunda must go campaign.

Information received indicate that Mutembo Nchito who is also mentioned in the same article is also suing the two government controlled newspapers over the same article.

It has been learnt that lawyers for the Daily Mail have already been contacted over the impending legal actions and by Monday next week, initial documents may be delivered.

On Richard Sakala, Mutembo is said to have vowed that if Sakala did not learn a lesson during the years he was imprisoned, this time he will as he will leave him broke.

Sakala last week released a book in which he mocks the fight against corruption during the reign of late president Levy Mwanawasa.

Sakala depicts Mwanawasa as a Head of State under siege and held to ransom in exchange for political favors and economic licences, wrote one person who reviewed the book.

“The President was forced, for political expediency, to accept an offer he could not refuse. Post Editor Mmembe and his lawyers and business partner Mutembo Nchito offered him ‘leadership’ of the ‘anti-corruption’ campaign, which they had enhanced using secret information from the Zambia Security Intelligence Services…” Sakala begins the book in his preface.

The George Kunda must go campaign article states that Mmembe, Nchito and former Task Force on corruption chairman Mark Chona are spearheading the campaign to have vice president George Kunda fired.

“It is no wonder that they formed ‘The George Kunda must Go Campaign’ committee. Fred Mmembe, Mark Chona and Mutembo Nchito are keen to alienate and malign Kunda from his boss and other ministers. The campaign is designed to weaken pillars of strong individuals that support and help the Banda Presidency so that Banda will “remain politically fragile’’ as the country heads to the 2011 elections,’ reads part of the article.

The Watchdog has been informed that Mark Chona is hesitant to sue.

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