Mutesa appeals to PF to stop the violence

Why has discipline broken down within the ruling Patriotic Front? Are we to conclude that the Patriotic Front does not value human life? What is this senseless spilling of blood and loss of human life all about? Surely, this is not what the people of Zambia bargained for when they were giving the Patriotic Front the mandate to govern this nation! Is this the kind of legacy that President Sata wants to be remembered for? If the PF can’t put its house in order, how can it govern the nation?
It is not enough for those in authority to issue tough sounding statements that are not backed by real action to bring the perpetrators of political violence to book. We all know where this mayhem is coming from. It is the unrestrained factionalism within the ruling party that has given rise to this tragic spectre. We also know that it is well within the powers of the law enforcement agencies to halt this madness, but they are let down by lack of political will from high up.
Leadership is about taking charge! If the PF does not see anything wrong with this “undeclared war” on our streets, the rest of us do. Real action requires that the streets are made safe for the public to enjoy their freedoms. Maintenance of law and order is one of the functions of the State. That is one of the tasks governments are voted into power to perform. The insatiable lust for power by a few individuals should not be nurtured at the expense of precious human life. It is time to stop this undeclared war on our streets and assure the safety of the citizens and property. We have pressing challenges of poverty and unemployment to deal with. We can’t afford to dissipate our energies in slaughtering each other.
Let it be known that the blood of those who have perished through political violence is on the hands of the sponsors in high places and the Lord God will require it of them. We mourn with those who have lost their loved ones and our prayers for speedy healing go to those who have incurred injuries. May the Almighty comfort and strengthen us all as we go through these trying times.
God bless Zambia.
Fred Mutesa
Zambians for Empowerment and Development (ZED)

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