Mutesa says Zambian politics is filled with dubious characters

Zambians for Empowerment and Development Party President Fred Mutesa says it is sad that there is  no political will from political leaders.

According to Radio Christian Voice, Mutesa said it is vital that Zambia puts in place a leadership that will be there to  serve the people and not to amass wealth.

He bemoaned the tendency of politicians to contest elections for the sake of fame and the benefits that come with being in power, but fail to deliver to the public. He said politicians fail to deliver because what they promise the electorate conflicts with their personal agenda.

Mutesa said there is need to fight for the empowerment of citizens so that when they are delivered from economic hardships they can contribute to national development.

He also noted that there is need to clean up the political arena as people have the misconception that politics are dirty, when in the actual fact the political playing field is flooded by individuals with questionable character.

Mutesa urged the victor in the September 20 elections to work for the good of the Zambian people and bear in mind that public service is about sacrifice and not being there because you have nothing else to do.

He advised the electorate to vote wisely and be careful with the decisions they make as their ballots will determine the future.

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