Mutinta Hichilema living in fear

Mutinta Hichilema living in fear

MUTINTA Hichilema says she is living in fear after a man wearing a PF inscribed hat blocked her vehicle at Lusaka Central Prison on Sunday and insulted her and prison warders who tried to question his action.

Narrating the incident in an interview, Mutinta said a white Ford Ranger with a South African registration number DK18 YF GP blocked her vehicle at Chimbokaila where she had taken breakfast for her incarcerated husband, Hakainde.

She said she was terrified to see the Ford Ranger with a foreign number plate block her vehicle ferociously.

Mutinta narrated that a man wearing a black hat, inscribed with PF symbols, lowered the windows and started insulting her for no reason.

When I took breakfast for my husband this (Sunday) morning, as we were parked there waiting, this vehicle, with a foreign number plate, a South African number plate, came, it was a white Ford. What we noticed was that on that plate, they had put a wire and you could notice that there was another plate inside and he [driver of the Ford] blocked me [so] that I couldn’t drive out. So we decided to phone one of our other vehicles to come and pick us so that we use a different one and leave the one which was blocked there. We then called one of the prison warders to come and tell this driver who has parked here to move out but that man insulted the prison warder. He told the prison warder that ‘get out, f*** you’, repeatedly. This man was wearing a black hat with a PF symbol and he kept saying, ‘do you know me?’
Mutinta narrated.

“So the prison warder was shocked and he went back. We followed the warder and said, officer we want to go out, but he hopelessly said ‘the man has refused’. Then other police officers who might have come out of the Chimbokaila premises approached the man and asked why he had parked like that without leaving space for other vehicles to drive out, but the man just said ‘f*** you’ and they all drove off.”

She said the incident was enough proof that some people were now after her life following the incarceration of her husband.

“We were so shocked and scared of that man who looked suspicious and behaved in a strange, funny way and was not taking any orders from the officers. So I left with one of the vehicles that came to our rescue while some of our people remained in the scuffle. I was so shaken and I am still shaken. I don’t know if these people want my life now after incarcerating my husband; I don’t know,” she said.

And Mutinta said during the scuffle, police officers apprehended Hichilema’s deputy press aide Brian Mwiinga, who had taken pictures of the PF supporter who had blocked her vehicle.

“It was at this point that police decided to apprehend Brian Mwiinga, one of the journalists, and another one known as Mudenda. It’s shocking that they have been picked because for journalists, what was happening there was all news for them and they were covering that scuffle, but to be picked by police, it’s unbelievable,” she said. “The journalists saw someone block a vehicle and insult the police who couldn’t do a thing to him; that was news which they wanted to cover and they captured that because when the police got him [the PF supporter] out of the vehicle, they removed the hat, but police asked why people were taking pictures of him,” she added.

“The police pushed all those who had cameras in there and that is how come up to now, we don’t know how many they have picked but we know of Brian and Mudenda. All the vehicles of our people, including a canter that came in, they were all taken in. When we took food in the evening, those vehicles, including that Ford, we did not find them. The lawyers went in all the police stations in Lusaka, they didn’t find them so we don’t know where they are.”

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