Muvi TV accused of using free labour


Dear Editor

First of all, may I thank this beloved and uncompromised site of Zambian Watchdog, which has been consistent in informing the world on the happenings in this country.

We have now worked for Muvi TV for more many months without being confirmed or paid anything. They expect us to report for work every day when they don’t pay me any salary.

Whenever we request for employment confirmation or salary, we are told to get lost. Muvi TV is hiding under its name, because they know that no matter how much they abuse their employees, no one will report about them.

To confirm what am talking about, I am requesting people from the labour office to visit the Station in order to see for themselves what goes on there.

Please Mr.Shamenda or Chitotela come to our aid, we have suffered respect for workers, each time we tell Costa and Mabvuto on how they exploit the rights of the workers, they threaten to fire us.

We are treated like animals such that we are not given space to breath.

Thanks a lot for your space.

Frustrated employees without any pay for months.

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