Muvi TV refused to be loyal to corrupt regime

Dear Editor
Honestly Muvi Tv does not deserve what they got,many will say the station is suspended because of causing panic amount citizens.But we all know the truth that Muvi tv is suspended because they state facts,because they refuse to be loyal to a corrupt gov’t.Muvi tv has always been the voice for the opposition,since our so called national broadcaster does not give opposition a platform to express themselves.Muvi tv was one of the television station that gave the patriotic front a wide platform to sell themselves out when MMD was the ruling party,but after getting in power our leaders have forgotten all this.Now that the channel that speaks for the oppresed zambians is temporary suspended, let’s hope Znbc will even start bring community news because for them news means politics and politics means news.To those celebrating the closure of the privately owned station remember that tomorrow you will be dying with hunger,unemployed and you won’t be paid salaries ,you must be crazy if you think Znbc will report your sufferings.
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