Muvi TV traitor exposed

Muvi TV traitor exposed



Muvi TV editor Mabvuto Phiri has been identified as the source of lies aimed at scandalizing the TV station in exchange for a diplomatic job in Malawi.

Watchdog investigations have revealed that Mabvuto Phiri is the one who has been feeding the PF with lies that the TV station has sold its news to UPND.

Mabvuto has been providing such lies to PF campaign manager Emmanuel Mwamba, who in turn has been circulating it through social media. The two meet at Mwamba’s house in the evenings.

In exchange for betraying his employer, Mabvuto and his wife have been promised jobs at the High Commission in Malawi if the PF retains power.

“Yes Emmanuel has promised Mabvuto that he and his wife will replace Henry Ngilanzi and his wife Chansa Kabwela as deputy high commissioner and first secretary respectively as long as he continues feeding the PF with information,’ a source has said.

Mabvuto’s wife Nkweto Phiri currently works for ZANIS in Choma.

Mabvuto Phiiri has had problems with Muvi TV before all evolving around his personal conduct but for some reason the employer has been lenient on him.

Just recently, Mabvuto impregnated one very well known girl who had gone to Muvi TV on industrial attachment. He forced her to abort illegally using medical personnel at Levy Mwanawasa Hospital. (The watchdog is in possession of text messages and other evidence of that event).

In May last year, he was suspended for sexually harassing one of the female Journalists after she reported him to Muvi TV management for indecent assault and attempted rape but he was in no time reinstated.

The reinstatement made Mabvuto to openly boast that there was nothing Steve Nyirenda (Man in the Benz, as he is fondly called at Muvi) could do to him because he also knew a lot about him. Nyirenda is the owner of Muvi TV.

Mabvuto is further involved in sexual relationship with one Ndola based member of staff.

Mabvutoi Phiri had another sexual relationship with a young girl (names of girls withheld) in the newsroom, who was later fired after she and Mabvuto stole money donated to a certain cancer patient. This money was donated to the Cancer patient after appearing on the station asking for assistance from well-wishers.

But instead of delivering the money, Mabvuto Phiri decided to share the money with this young girl who was fired when the matter came to the attention of management.

Mabvuto has no home of his own and is being kept by his mother in-law despite engaging himself in several sexual relationships using the MUVI TV brand and abusing his position at the station.

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