MuviTv Managing director suspended

MuviTv Managing director suspended

Muvi TV managing director Costa Mwansa has been suspended for allegedly charging members of the public to appear on discussion programmes against company policy and sleeping on duty. Mwansa is also facing allegations of using his position to have sexual intercourse with female employees.

But other sources say MuviTV owner Steve Nyirenda should be that last person to discipline anyone over ‘sexual misconduct’ as he is the biggest culprit and that he just wants to replace Costa with his son.

Costa Mwansa’s problems started a few days ago when he failed to host Emmanuel Mwamba, Maureen Nkandu and other members of the so-called Jubilee leadership conference on a scheduled live discussion. The show was supposed to be in the morning but Costa could not make it as he is said to have overslept. There was no standby host to run the show.

Costa is also accused of charging members of the public to appear on discussion programmes against company policy. It is alleged that some government officials paid him to appear on his show ‘Breakfast with the Boys’ but failed to feature them.

The aggrieved officials later complained to MuviTV owner Steve Nyirenda and demanded to be refunded. Nyirenda expressed shock and explained that Muvi TV has not policy of charging people to appear on TV and that when there is need to pay, such payment is done at accounts department not to the director.

Sources say Costa Mwansa’s situation was compounded by incessant allegations that he has been demanding sex from female employees for them to remain in employment.

‘What annoyed the boss is that Costa has been having sex with two (named) sisters working at MUVI and the same girls are nieces of Nyirenda. In fact one of them is married to a local actor’, said a source. Costa has a child with former Muvi TV newsreader Patricia Mapiki who now works for ZNBC. He is also said to have sexual relations with a named secretary and another senior journalist within Muvi TV.

The source added that Nyirenda has been ignoring complaints from other girls who have been victimised but the issue of his nieces disturbed him.

But another source said Nyirenda is no different from his junior.

‘Muvi TV is a den of sex. Bosses and editors there take turns to demand sex from new girls. Girls are threatened with dismissal if they refuse to ‘cooperate,’ the source explained.

Costa Mwansa

Costa Mwansa

The source further disclosed that Nyirenda has had several relationships with employees that include Chibesa Ngwira.

‘As you know he has a child with Sipiwe Milanzi and he recently secretly married that Francis Kasoma daughter girl who runs Komboni radio at a private ceremony in Siavonga at Fresh View Lodge.

The source advised Muvitv to stop playing holier than thou when it comes to Game Store director Palan because the sexual abuse at Muvitv is greater than anywhere else.

Sources say it is a risky to send you daughter or wife as intern to Muvit as chances are that she will have to sleep with at least three bosses to complete her industrial attachment.

On the specific charges on costa Mwansa, sources says Nyirenda just wants to replace Costa with one of his numerous sons as Managing director.

‘He has actually appointed his coloured son from his first marriage as acting managing director after suspending Costa,’ said another source.

Insiders say Nyirenda’ son has been around for sometime now but it has been clear that there is a scheme to make him MD but an opportunity to get rid of Costa had not presented itself until now.

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