Muyunda Mwanalushi, poverty and national betrayal

Muyunda Mwanalushi, poverty and national betrayal

This is Muyunda Mwanalushi. He is the chairperson of the PF National Dialogue Forum.

Mwanalushi is 76 years old holds the ceremonial position of chancellor of the Copperbelt University and previously held senior positions at UNZA. He has led a relatively honourable life as he steered away from political controversy, at least in public. For a long time he has had no proper income except tu ma fake consultancies here and there.

Poverty is a curse. The man should have retired in honor. But PF touched him at his weakest point. They offered him money to lead the most useless but dangerous process to mutilate our constitution. And the old fool is doing it with distinction. We have never seen such a biased, pathetic  and shameless chairperson. But then Mwanalushi has never seen such money before in his life. He knows exactly what he is there for at the ‘dialogue’: to make money and justify the money he has already received. Nothing else matters to him. The outcome of the process is only important to him if it adheres to the wishes of his pay masters.

It is disgusting to note how a man in the evening of his life can choose to betray his conscious, ethics and nation for 30 pieces of Silver as if he is the surviving step brother of Judas Iscariot. What we know is that when people grow older, they become more wise and generally patriotic. But not this one. Shame on you Mwanalushi. You are an embarrassment to your children and their children’s children upto to the fourth generation.

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