MUZ milling, conduit for PF theft and money laundering

MUZ milling, conduit for PF theft and money laundering

The PF in close collaboration with the Food Reserve Agency (FRA), are using Mines Workers’ Union of Zambia milling Company (MUZ Milling), a subsidiary of Shimaini Investment Limited, as a cash cow and money laundering point, in which they steal millions of Kwacha for the personal benefit of Party and MUZ union officials. The milling Company is also used as a clearing house for money received as loans from the Development Bank of Zambia.

Sources from both the PF and MUZ have revealed to the Watchdog that the milling Company is being used as a vehicle of siphoning maize from FRA through the DMMU and a beneficiary of fraudulent loans from DBZ.

“MUZ milling was funded by Edgar Lungu through a fraudulent DBZ loan inorder to use it for campaigns and propaganda and yet the beneficiaries of the scam is are PF officials and union President Joseph Chewe”.

The sources further reveal that the DBZ loan amounting to a staggering K60, 000, 000 has stalled and yet State House forced the bank to issue a performance bank guarantee for the milling Company inorder to get maize on credit from FRA.

“The Executive Director of FRA has tried to reason but because Joseph Chewe the President of MUZ supports Lungu and his sister is married to Freedom Sikazwe, his efforts are yielding nothing due to arrogance by Chewe. As a matter of fact, most maize received from FRA is sold to other millers at exorbitant prices for the benefit of Chewe”, said the source.

The Watchdog further learnt that Joseph Chewe the MUZ boss owns shares in MUZ Milling as well as in ‘Bashi Mine’ Investments a company which he co-owns with Terry Simbeye the MUZ Milling procurement officer.

“The conflict of interest by Joseph Chewe is beyond words and is against union regulations and the laws of Zambia. The MUZ Milling Company is a disaster and a fraudulent project and money siphoning venture detrimental to tax payers and to union members who pay monthly subscriptions, and are yet made to pay for expensive mealie meal from their own company”, stated the source.

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