Mwaanga responds to RB’s attacks on him, says he forgives him

Several people phoned me last night to draw my attention to the interview which took place on MUVI TV “THE ASSIGNMENT” programme with the former President Mr. Rupiah Bwezani Banda. I decided not to react to it, because I had not watched it personally. I have just finished watching a repeat of the programme on MUVI TV and have listened carefully and weighed every word Mr. Banda uttered about me and against me.
I have come to the reasoned conclusion that it would be undignified, inappropriate, unfortunate and out of my character for me to respond to what my brother and friend of 50 years said on MUVI TV. I would like to ask all Zambians of goodwill as well as the Banda and Mwaanga families to pray for Mr. Banda and to forgive him for what he said.
In the new edition of my book, “THE LONG SUNSET”, which is currently on sale at Planet Books at Arcades, I have given what I consider to be a fair and balanced account of the Banda Presidency and I will let history and subsequent events judge both of us. As an author, I have always tried to maintain a measure of independent thought and analysis and discarded my own personal emotions in order to maintain the balance of views expressed in my books. I would have been a hypocrite and a prisoner of my conscience if I did not say what I said about his Presidency, just like I did with all the other three Presidents I worked with (Kaunda, Chiluba and Mwanawasa).
As I forgive my brother and friend of 50 years, because of what he has been going through in the recent past, let me reiterate that I have learned to seek my happiness by limiting my desires, rather than attempting to satisfy them. I believe that the personal and family ties that unite us, are by far greater than the forces which divide us. In the end, God our creator will judge both of us. I will comment no further on this very sad matter.

While speaking on MUVI TV’s Assignment programme on Sunday evening, former president Rupiah Banda said that  he dropped Vernon Mwaanga as his campaign manager due to Mwaanga’s questionable character.

The former president accused Mwaanga of being vicious in his book because he denied him a chance of being his campaign manager during  last year’s elections.


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