Mwakalombe’ second attempt to be Chongwe MP

By: Waziona Nkhwekwe Chirwa
I was shocked and shaken, to learn that Japhen Mwakalombe was attempting to stand as Chongwe Central Member of Parliament. I was shocked because, in September 2011, Mwakalombe was elected Chongwe Central Member of parliament with a landslide. Out of greed, avarice, fear and pure folly, Mwakalombwe resigned his seat, before parliament was even convened.
Mwakalombe is the most spineless, greedy and viciously deceitful self-serving person I have ever seen. He was rewarded with good jobs while, his people where left leaderless, in poverty and pain with no hope in sight.
 It is also clear that Mwakalombe is brain dead. How else can he re-attempt to represent the people of Chongwe, when he abandoned us in the middle of the night? How can a normal human being expect to lead people when clearly he cannot lead himself because of excessive greed, fear and timidity?
A leader must be fearless, selfless and compassionate. A leader must stand with his people in dark and tormenting times. Clearly Japhen Mwakalombe is not such a person.
Mwakalombe is a shameless traitor, who should not be allowed to be Chongwe Central Member of Parliament.
What I find more shocking is that the PF constituency and district leadership have allowed this dangerous political clown to participate in the primary elections to select an MP to stand on PF ticket. Surely Chongwe Central deserves better than this notorious misfit.
If we allow dangerous traitors like Japhen Mwakalombe to lead us. Not to long from today our children dying and starving will stand on our graves in chains. With tears rolling down their bony cheeks they will demand to know why we allowed, greedy and selfish leaders to turn them into slaves in their motherland?

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