Mwaliteta asks DEC to investigate PF money laundering

Mwaliteta asks DEC to investigate PF money laundering


It is sad that our nation’s dignity and decency has been reduced to the status of a banana Republic under the Patriotic Front regime due to failed leadership. Our standing among the community of nations has been degraded and thrown into the trash can, to an extent where it is no longer an honour to proudly display a Zambian passport when one travels abroad. A country where corruption and theft is glorified and applauded when ‘ubomba mwibala’ and ‘kasaka ka ndalama’ culture is preached on a Presidential podium and the Head of State is leaping in the air with excitement.

True to the testament of President Edgar Lungu’s ideology of being likened to an ATM, PF top officials stroll around with trunks of cash, freely throwing it to poor citizens like one throws gaga to village chickens. PF is proudly funding poverty and redirecting scarce resources that are needed to buy medical drugs and pay retirees, to corruption. It is true that PF as a party has more money than government, but where is this laundered criminal money coming from?

Bowman Lusambo openly confessed that the money they freely distribute to our people in the street has been provided for by President Edgar Lungu. That’s from the horse’s mouth! Why should PF then condemn Brebner Changala for stating that State House is a crime scene and a den of thieves? Chilanga MP Maria Sharapova Langa has been seen walking through Chilanga with trunks and trunks of hard cash distributing to our people that PF has deliberately made poor, so that they can depend on them for handouts.

What is then is the DEC waiting for when their investigations have already been done half way by Bowman Lusambo who has pointed his accusing finger at State House.

As UPND Chairman for Lusaka Pronvice, while not condoning this criminal behaviour by PF criminals, I urge all Lusaka residents and all citizens around Zambia, to pretend to be PF for one second, receive the money and buy medicine and food for your children! This is your money coming back to you illegally, get it but know what is in your heart, and that is to kick out these criminals in August this year.

Remember that Hakainde Hichilema is the only capable person that will manage these resources to the benefit of all Zambians through fair distribution of social services to our deprived communities. UPND has a capable team of men and women that will turn this country around and bring dignity back to the land.

Obvious Mwaliteta
UPND Chairman
Lusaka Province.

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