Mwaliteta dumped at Maina Soko

Mwaliteta dumped at Maina Soko

Former Lusaka province minister and Kafue MP Obvious Mwaliteta has finally been located at Maina Soko Military hospital but his safety is still not guaranteed.

Mwaliteta was arrested after he intercepted PF agents carrying extra ballots for rigging. Instead, the police arrested him and charged him with aggravated robbery.

In jail, Mwaliteta fell ill and was rushed to UTH. But state agents later abducted him from UTH and took him to an undisclosed location leaving his family confused.

When the news of his abduction went round, state agents dumped him at Maina Soko, and briefly unchained him. His family and friends are not allowed to visit him.

But no one knows what happened between the time he was abducted from UTH and the time he was dumped at Maina Soko. The reasons for moving him from UTH without the knowledge of the family is also not known and the actual people who picked from UTH are not known.

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