Mwaliteta is innocent, says Court

Mwaliteta is innocent, says Court

Former Kafue MP under PF but now UPND supporter Obvious Mwaliteta has been freed of politically motivated charges he was facing.

Mwaliteta and others have been in jail since last elections due to Edgar Lungu’s brutality and dictatorship .

During elections, Mwaliteta and others tried to stop the rigging by confiscating extra ballots papers that the ECZ reserved for PF.  They were arrested and charged with aggravated robbery and denied police bond or court bail at Lungu’s instructions.

But the court today freed Mwaliteta saying there was No evidence linking the accused to the crime.

High court judge Mwape Bowa set free Mwaliteta due to failure by the prosecution to prove the case against the accused.

Judge Bowa said there is no evidence linking the accused to the commissioning of the offence.

He said no weapons were found on them and neither was there any stolen material found on the accused to prove that they took part in the offence.

The court said the arresting officer’s evidence was so much discredited such that he failed to investigate the alibi of Mwaliteta’s co-accused being on the scene of crime when the attack was happening.

Judge Bowa said Mwaliteta’s presence at ECZ was for election business purposes being a known political figure, adding that there was nothing unusual about him being found at Election House as the country was awaiting the announcement of the presidential election results.



Lungu mocking Mwaliteta in prison

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