Mwaliteta joins PF presidential race

Mwaliteta joins PF presidential race

Obvious Mwaliteta the oirganiser of PF thugs

‘PF president’ Obvious Mwaliteta

Kafue PF member of parliament Obvious Mwaliteta has joined the ongoing secret campaign for PF presidency to take over from ailing President Michael Sata.

Mwaliteta who is also central province minister said the PF was very popular such that even if he contested the republican Presidency on the party ticket he would win. He said he was sure of winning the Presidency because there was no serious opposition and that the PF popularity had continued to grow.

Mwaliteta who belongs to the once powerful Wynter Kabimba team which is also supported by Post newspapers owner Fred Mmembe, said that any attempts to remove PF from power would only get entertained after 2026. It is not however sure whether Mwaliteta’s intentions have the backing of the cartel or it is just media outbursts from the ex bus conductor.

Following the continued poor health of President Sata, there has been clandestine campaigns by a number of party leaders to take over the party leadership. Recently Sports minister Chishimba Kambwili told other contenders that they would be disappointed in their ambitions to become president because presidents are born and not created. He said that if he (Kambwili) was born to be PF president, he would eventually succeed the ailing Sata.

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