Mwaliteta sees more deaths in L/stone by election

PF Campaign Manager in the Livingstone by election, Obvious Mwaliteta says he does not see an end to violence in the tourist capital.

Mr Mwaliteta, one of the people who saw the person who killed the PF cadre, fears the postponement of the by election to March 14 will even result in more deaths, claiming that the opposition UPND is determined at all costs to use violence to instill fear in the voters.

He was speaking to journalists in Choma on Thursday afternoon when he and Defence Minister Geoffrey Mwamba made a stopover while escorting the body of late PF Monze District Vice Chairman Harrison Chanda who was brutally murdered in Livingstone by a lone assailant , according to Mr. Mwaliteta’s version as reported by ZNBC News evening on Thursday 28th February.

Mr. Mwaliteta ridiculed the measured taken by the ECZ and the Police, saying the postponement of the by-election including the deployment of more police officers cannot guarantee any peace .

A former police officer under the brutal anti-robbery unit infamous for extra-judicial killings, Mr Mwaliteta accused UPND of being a violent party that believes in spilling blood.

As PF campaign manager, Mr Mwaliteta has been organizing PF thugs to attack UPND camps and supporters in Livingstone and personally physically attacked Mazabuka UPND MP, Garry Nkombo in full view of the Police officers at Livingstone Police Station.

He alleged that UPND has even started importing truckloads of its cadres from as far as Mufumbwe and Mpongwe to cause more violence in Livingstone.

Mr Mwaliteta’s sentiments are in sharp contrast with President Sata, who yesterday commended the ECZ for postponing the elections.

Police sources complained to the Watchdog that Mr Mwaliteta and southern province commissioner, Charity Katanga, had made their work difficult as they were instructing them to “sternly deal” with UPND members while letting unruly and violent PF cadres scot-free even when they were seen wielding machetes in public.

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