Mwaliteta taken to unknown destination amid gun shots

Mwaliteta taken to unknown destination amid gun shots

Heavily armed police officers in the company of known armed PF cadres have just arrested UPND Lusaka Province Chairman, Obvious Mwaliteta and driven him to an unknown destination.

According to eyewitnesses at the Lusaka Magistrates Court, heavily armed police in civil clothes moved in to airlift Mwaliteta shortly after the case was discontinued.

This is despite the State entering into a nolle prosequi in the matter that has been dragging for over a month.

But after some UPND youths demanded to know where Mwaliteta was being taken, police started firing live ammunition which resulted in some UPND youths suffering injuries ranging from broken legs, limbs and arms.

It is believed the Police, who have since driven Mwaliteta to an unknown destination, wants to charge him a fake case of aggravated robbery.

The owner of the said phone in this case has vehemently refused to accuse Mwaliteta of having stolen the phone which PF wants to use for the trumped up aggravated case against Mwaliteta.

PF like in the HH’s trumped up treason case even without investigations have gone ahead and treated him like a dangerous criminal.

The move is believed to be a calculated move aimed at pushing him to rejoin the PF.

Mwaliteta was on 27 March, 2019 arrested and charged with being in possession of offensive weapons.

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    The Worshipper 2 weeks ago

    Yes he needs all the support, especially his family.  The PF are trying to frustrate him by tormenting him so that he breaks down and rejoins them.  This is the Worst leadership ever.  But why can’t KK and Rupiah say something? Have you gone deaf and dumb?  Can’t you see the brutality going on in this once peaceful country?  Don’t forget that You have children grandchildren and great grandchildren living and growing up in this brutal city of Lusaka.

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    Political perception of persecution in Zambia has been created by PF 2 weeks ago

    My concern is that our political climate abroad is being viewed negatively. No matter what political crimes opposition politicians commit, even with legitimate evidence will continue to be viewed as political persecution. Our Republican President needs to intervene whenever the opposition are in trouble with the Law in a quiet manner to avoid the perception that the Zambian Government is brutal to the opposition. From 2016, the world has had enough evidence to perceive our Government as a suppressor of dissenting views and the opposition. This may not be good for required confidence in our Kwacha.

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    Muntu 2 weeks ago

    Please provide unprecendent support. Providing money to feed his family and getting powerful lawyers. Suing the state. This is a huge sacrifice on his part. Let him feel supported in a heavy way. Hope HH and UPND leadership are doing just that.