Mwaliteta urges citizens not to be discouraged by ECZ mediocrity

Mwaliteta urges citizens not to be discouraged by ECZ mediocrity



Voter registration has commenced and it will go on up to 12th December 2020. The Electoral Commission of Zambia will be conducting voter registration throughout the country in order to come up with a new voter register which shall be used for the August 2021 elections

Regardless of our misgivings and mistrust of the procedure and process that has been adopted in coming up with the voters register, we are still duty bound as citizens who have attained or will have attained the legal voting age (18years) by August 2021 to go out in large numbers and register as voters.

This is a responsibility that we can not abdicate to others. We should bear in mind that regardless of our collective desire to see to it that we vote out the corrupt and inept PF regime, if we do not go out and register as voters, the change that we desire can not and shall not be attained.

It is only by registering as voters that we can be guaranteed of attaining our political aspirations of having HH in State House next year. Equally important to note is that even those with old voters cards will have to register again because the old voters roll will be phased out, this is something that we have always been against but the ECZ as usual have remained adamant.

So let us all go out in large numbers particularly in Lusaka Province and register as voters so that come August 2021 we can deliver the change we want. However, we can only urge the ECZ to up their game and improve on the many hiccups that have been experienced so far and ensure that the 9 million projected voters are captured, otherwise anything less than that won’t be accepted!

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