Mwamba again pleads with PF propaganda media wings to match other online media houses

Information and Broadcasting Permanent Secretary Emmanuel Mwamba has urged public media institutions (Daily PF Mail, Times of PF, and ZNBC PF) to strengthen their online content.

Mr. Mwamba, who is former correspondent and financier contributor to this website, Zambianwatchdog, said some online media channels are taking advantage of weak information being generated by public media to spread false information to the public.

Addressing journalists for public media workshop specifically organized on how to neutralize content from online media such as this website, Mwamba said the lack of regular updates by public media online media channels has led to channels such as this website to spread false information.

He told the poor journalists that they had all the resources to rival other online media outlets so that correct government propaganda can also be reaching the masses at the speed of the Zambianwatchdog.

It is so far not clear how public media houses will be updating correct information on their online content, especially when the whole lot of the Zambian president Michael Sata disappears in thin air since Saturday when he left United States of America’s New York Palace Hotel and people are anxious to hear how he deals with the embattled Secretary General, Wynter Kabimba’s issue.

Mr. Sata’s entourage has since arrived home, but his whereabouts are still unknown, yet he was always the first one to mock and call for a medical board to examine the healthy of late president Levy Mwanawasa.

It is also not clear why Mwamba and the PF government are panicking over some online publications peddling false information when they are spending huge amounts of money everyday blocking them using fake Chinese equipment which people have managed to by-pass.

What Mwamba is also not telling people is that the three public media outlets that only cover Michael Sata, Guy Scott, Sata’s wife Kaseba in that order launching MMD projects will still be no match to the Zambianwatchdog because these PF propaganda wings never report Silvia Masebo’s loose behavior with Wynter Kabimba, Amos Malupenga and Inutu Suba.

When one of them is ailing with Parkinson disease like Guy Scott, these media house always tell us they are enjoying good health till death.

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