Mwamba, Chellah over Sata expose


Former Press aides to Presidents Chiluba and Sata, Emmanuel Mwamba and George Chellah respectively, strongly differed on a whatsApp fora over a statement released by former Finance Minister, Alexander Chikwanda.

George Chellah, who seemed riled, posted a statement which was allegedly written by Emmanuel Mwamba and asked the latter if he indeed was the author.

Mwamba responded in the affirmative and stated that he was merely acknowledging Chikwanda’s assertion that the manipulation and abuse of power during President Michael Sata’s reign was rife.

The statement read;

*” Emmanuel Mwamba writes*

*Ba Chikwanda knows what he is talking about and he is one of the few who has the clearest of minds*

*Four months after my dismissal, President Sata appointed me Ambassador to Egypt, these elements ensured that I never got the letter!!*

*George Zulu (who was PS at Foreign Affairs at the time and Who received the instructions in my presence ) recently explained to me what happened to my appointment.*

*Because we forgive does not mean we have forgotten,because we have embraced people assume they can re-write history before our eyes????”*

This prompted Chellah to challenge Mwamba to bring his insights on the matter on the fore.

“Ambassador Mwamba, I did not ask for your resume or links to Michael Sata. I was asking if indeed you authored that? But anyway, I humbly request that you bring your insights here including any impropriety linked to the name George M. Chellah and I will answer you so that we curtail these insniuations and lies certain people want to get away with. Also, your challenging me here will help me clear certain misconceptions and lies as I know that screenshots of my responses will reach those groups where I’m not a member. I hope that’s not too much to ask for. Thank you”, Chellah wrote.

Mwamba then responded by saying his statement was not in direct reference to George Chellah.

“As seen from my post I didn’t mention you, when I wish to I always post my views on Facebook just like you do.
I was discussing Chikwanda’s write-up and confirmed the assertions of manipulations
Interesting you have also referred to the manipulation even graduating it to bordering on criminality.
And I followed my views with the proposal that Hon Chikwanda being a poetic and deep writer required a detailed analysis to decipher what his concerns are.
I further proposed that this can be done after the cholera crisis as the nation is preoccupied with the same”, Mwamba wrote.

However, this didn’t stop Chellah from expressing his displeasure with the current state of affairs.

In reference to a Mr Yosa Miti Chellah wrote the following:

“As in response to Mr. Yosa Miti and those using him. I will not allow knowledge and ignorance to compete over this issue. Please go and sing for your next meal away from my name. You cheap and unprincipled human beings. My statement is clear and focused, let these concerned respond and you will see how you will be left with egg shell in your face. I’m determined, geared and game!”

In response to another blogger named Thabo, Chellah didn’t mince his words

“Thabo, that’s what you should have advised your overzealous and stupid diplomats, certain Ambassadors included, to do and not that stupid spin they attempted to make this morning. Journalism and spins is my strength and unlike some wannabes, I’m a full fledged journalist and spin doctor. That’s what I have done all my life. I know nothing else. Let them know and prepare for a long haul fight with me”.

“This country is a mess. If an Ambassador can be online 24/7 what time does he work? Clearly, taxpayer’s money is being wasted on good for nothing opportunistic elements. There’s cholera, a messed agricultural season and a debilitating economic meltdown then you want to score cheap political points over an event of three years ago? You are cheap together with those who sent you on such a shameless undertaking. Tulemimona and if you think you own this country, think again”, wrote Chellah.

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