Mwamba confirms reporting Malupenga to police,

Information and Broadcasting Services Permanent Secretary Emmanuel Mwamba has told the Zambian media that there were serious irregularities in the way the Digital Migration tender was handled including the purchase of second
hand equipment.

Mr.Mwamba told journalists there was nothing personal but that rules and regulations were not followed in the procurement process.
“There is no witch-hunt here. There are a number of guidelines from the Zambia Public Procurement Authority an institution that should be respected. We should not do things that can bring ridicule to the government”.

Meanwhile, Mr.  Mwamba has confirmed that law enforcement agencies may soon arrest former
Information Permanent Secretary Amos Malupenga for abuse of authority of office Mr.Mwamba also disclosed that a new task force to spearhead digital migration in the country. “Law enforcement agencies may need to come in to ascertain whether there was corruption or not. Procurement guidelines do not allow the purchase of second hand equipment” he said. Meanwhile, a senior police source has told the Zambian Watchdog that about K2million (K2 billion un-rebased) belonging to Mr. Malupenga has been scanned in commercial
banks around the country. This is minus the suspected US $ 1 million in Hong Kong.

The Zambian Watchdog has on several times said the Digital Migration project was a financial scam.

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