Mwamba, others abandon diplomatic duties to run PF propaganda

Mwamba, others abandon diplomatic duties to run PF propaganda

Civil servants Emmanuel Mwamba, Anthony Mukwita are among the diplomats that have abandoned their missions to come and camp in Zambia to run the propaganda machinery of the PF which is chaired by Information and Broadcasting Permanent Secretary Amos Malupenga.

Others in the committee, which is deputised by Amos Chanda and Emmanuel Mwamba, are State House Permanent Secretary Christa Kalulu, ZNBC news editor Kennedy Bwalya, President’s Political Advisor Chris Zumani Zimba, PF Media Director Antonio Mwanza and some Tanzanian nationals.

All news items for ZNBC have to be approved by this committee through Amos Malupenga who removes content for the opposition parties, especially the UPND President Hakainde Hichilema.

What happens is ZNBC reporters go in the field to collect news even from opposition parties, but before the 19 hours, the news line up is sent to this WhatsApp group to determine which stories Kennedy Bwalya should approve and run.

Emmanuel and other diplomats are in the country at government expense with their offices in Ibex Hill while staying in Pamodzi Hotel.

So far all PF adverts on ZNBC Radio and television have not been paid for yet they cost millions hence depriving the corporation of the revenue.

A few opposition adverts have been allowed, but a decision was made by this team that the UPND TV adverts should only be placed at awkward times such as 22 hours or when they feel the audience is not much.

This is the same team behind the creation of hundreds of fake Facebook pages praising the PF regime while attacking the opposition parties.

Amos Malupenga is in serious panic at the prospect of the UPND Presidency because at the time of the scandalous fire tenders at the Ministry of Local government, he was the Permanent Secretary there who approved the corrupt transaction.

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