Mwamba’s lawyers to cross-examine arresting officer today

The case in which Emmanuel Mwamba is appearing in the high court for contempt trial resumes this morning before supreme court judge Gregory Phiri.

This is the case in which he is alleged to have authored two documents deemed contemptous as they were analysing evidence of murder accused Mathew Mohan.

Mwamba denies that he is the author or publisher of the said documents.

Mwamba was detained following a letter of complaint by Post newspaper Managing editor Amos Malupenga to the chief of police and copied to judge Gregory Phiri and judge Philip Musonda.

Mwamba spent seven days in jail before he was granted bail.

Malupenga and two other people have already testified and today, Mwamba’ s lawyer John Sangwa is expected to cross-examine the arresting officer detective Alfred Foloko.

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